Dedicated Patent Scientist(s) - Offshore | On Demand Specific Research & Delivery

Engagement Models

An engagement model is a structure that characterizes coordinated effort between a customer and a redistributing merchant. It decides a dimension of control and duty, just as gives a base to advance relationship improvement. There is no "best" all inclusive model to coordinate each organization's needs. And so, Fairtech Solution do manages an engagements depents on its own professional's efforts. Dealing with an engagement model requires understanding your design activity from various points of view such as value, covrage, skills and progress. And Faitech Solution have this all the way.

On Demand Project Based
  1. This model works on inputs received from the clients on a specific research/project objective and delivery of desired results.
  2. The project manager understands the client’s requirements and delivers the services according to mutually agreed milestones.
  3. Fixed/Transactional pricing for the projects based on a clearly defined scope and methodology.
  4. Most suitable for pilot projects and individual large assignments.
Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
  1. Based on the requirement, the client can opt for FTE engagement model wherein pre-determined our man-hours, possessing the relevant domain expertise, are dedicated exclusively to client’s project FTE is a set-up for longer engagements.
  2. Significantly cost-effective. Client has assured availability of resources.
  3. Most suitable for clients who have large and sustained work flow. Client has direct access and control over projects.
Dedicated Patent Scientist(s) - Offshore
  1. We can provide you dedicated patent scientist at our office for your needs, for specific periods of time say 6-12 months. This model is well suited for business organizations that have continuous work relating to Patents and IP in a specific technology area
  2. Such offshore team will be an extended arm of your in-house team of information researchers.
  3. Most cost-effective Customized infrastructure, methodology and compliance to meet client-specific requirements.
  4. High applicability when there is predictable demand, requirement for expertise and specific infrastructure.