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We are the top provider for key clients that include Fortune 500 companies, Leading Technology Consulting firms, Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporate Law firms, Innovation Powerhouses , Research Institutes and more.

Patentability Search
Novelty Search

Patentability search determines whether the invention client come up with is new in market, useful for others and non-obvious patentable subject matter.

White Space Analysis Gap analysis

White space analysis is depth analysis of patents belonging to particular domain of technology which I granted, published or applied for.

Prior-art Search State of the Art

The Prior-Art is required for the purpose of accessing novelty of the innovation. It means everything which is invented is available for the public anywhere in the world by means of written disclosure before the relevant date.

Competitive intelligence IP Monetization CI

A competitive Intelligence provides wide range of information for any product or business to understand competitors, suppliers and client product innovations with in the particular markets.

Patent watch and Alerts Patent Monitoring Service

Patent alerts and watches are superior intellectual properties (IP) watch Databases and Patent alert systems which can track and watch client competitors and also prevent the litigations.

Patent Portfolio Patent Portfolio Management

A Portfolio management provide deep knowledge of client’s Product as well as competitor’s product based on a number of technical, legal and commercial parameters.

Freedom-to-operate Search Clearance Search

Freedom to operate search (FTO) is conducted for identification of the Applications and Potential Patent barriers for commercializing your products or technologies.

Invalidity/validity search Patent Validation Search

Fairtech solution has the bunch of expertise and researchers who can conduct Patent searches to find prior art that may have been missed during the patent examination so as to render a patent invalid.

P2P Mapping Patent to Product Mapping

Our Patent to Product Mapping (P2P) service helps our clients in easily understanding complex product relationships.


Fairtech solution work with you to identify existing, proven technologies that could be licensed to potentially save your time and reduce market risk. Our methodology is not completely reliant on technology. To ensure we are not missing anything, we prefer manual searching with three tiered quality check (Six Sigma Approach) for your IP protection.

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IP Research

As a boutique IP research & analytics firm with major patent search services, we help transform the way patents are being searched.

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Worldwide Practice

Our worldwide practice has a proven track record for innovation and providing work of the highest quality to meet the needs of our domestic and international clients.

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Discover Opportunity

We share knowledge across practices and regions. We help our clients not only mitigate risk, but also discover opportunity.

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