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Claim Chart Preparation

We live in a technological world where awareness of intellectual property rights and their protection is increased in past few years .A claim chart preparation Service or litigation analysis is widely used services in various patent markets. It is a convenient and effective way of analysis and preparing information regarding a patent claim Chart Preparation. Claim chart Preparation Services creation and analysis are largely unmodified.
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We Provides for Claim Chart Preparation.

  1. We ensure technical credibility and accuracy of claim mapping justification.
  2. Fairtech solution expertise has wide range of data knowledge of patent claims and experience in generating claim chart for our clients.
  3. Claim Chart Preparation takes “business end “ model of a patent .Fairtech solution experts break claims into steps and compares each step in a patent claim Chart with a corresponding part or step found somewhere else.
  4. Our Patent search Experts provide clients Product to Product Mapping for their innovation.
  5. We help clients in preparing, analysing and scouting of the product for Claim Chart Preparation.
  6. Our experts help Corporations and attorneys in preparing preliminary infringement contentions (PICs) based on the extent of mapping.
  7. EOU charts through extensive market research and analysis.
  8. We have extensive experience in working with technology leaders in developing effective Patent Infringement Analysis for patents.