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Freedom TO Operate Search

Freedom TO operate search (FTO) is conducted for identification of the Applications and Potential Patent barriers for commercializing your products or technologies. This Freedom Operate search is jurisdiction sensitive and involves the current legal status of the identified patents. This due diligence process examines the claims language of third-party, in-force patents as a means of assessing your risk of potential infringement.

    We provides Freedom To Operate Search for an innovation.

  1. Infringement Studies for freedom to operate search.
  2. Fairtech solution Experts Bring products to market more quickly using the USPTO program.
  3. Our services performs patent and non-patent searching in any of foreign language Databases.
  4. We are dedicated to perform Fast Reliable and comprehensive FTO search.
  5. Our freedom to operate analysis enables clients to define their innovation more clearly and Understands to identify potential partners.
  6. Identifying conflicting patents early on in the technology development process, which can reduce the risk of launching a product with features that infringe a third-party’s rights.
  7. Fairtech solution works with our clients to develop cost-effective freedom to operate searches by focusing on the key technology and new market strategies.

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