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Patentability Search / Novelty Search

Patentability search determines whether the invention client come up with is new in market, useful for others and non-obvious patentable subject matter.

What we provide for Novelty of an Innovation.
  1. Once we are provided with a brief disclosure of the invention, we perform an exhaustive worldwide search of all issued patents, expired patents, published patent applications and other relevant Non-Patent Literature.
  2. A patentability search will usually include a search in major patent collections, normally encompassing at least the United States (US), European (EP), Patent Co-operation Treaty (WO/PCT), Chinese, German, Korean & Japanese patent collections. Most patent examiners from major patent offices will go straight to these collections
  3. Patentability is designed to assist in providing quality solutions and opinions for forming a strategy to go forward with a Patent Application.
  4. Various key words and concept based search strategies were formulated using paid databases, native-language databases such as IPDL, KIPRAS, ULTRA PATENTS, CNIPR and SIPO were also analysed.
  5. FairtechSolution have access to more than 85% of world patent data and including native-language databases for genuine patentability.
  6. We Have access to major commercially available data sources like DELPHION,DERWENT,THOMPSON INNOVATION,STN,ORBIT,QUESTAL DIALOG etc.
  7. Our search also includes searching on Non-conventional sources like YouTube, Mashable, ecom, internet standards, manuals, forums, scholarly Articles etc.
  8. Patentability search requires 2 to 3 days to search for the patent it might be extend for 5 to 7 days depending on the complexity of the technologies.