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White Space Analysis

White space analysis is depth analysis of patents belonging to particular domain of technology which I granted, published or applied for. White space analysis graphically shows the growth in a particular technology domain, and it also highlights the white spaces where further Research & Development can be done for new product development. Our in-depth analysis & whitespace report of technology enable our clients to identify the future potential research areas.

Advantage of Fairtech solution for white space analysis.
  1. Innovative suggestion ideas for white spaces that can be patented by client for innovation.
  2. A Fairtechsolution service is mostly focused to guide our clients towards competitive, defensive, licencing and most importantly R&D activities.
  3. The tools that our team at Fairtech solution use for white space are highly advanced and efficient Patent Analytics tools.
  4. We offer a comprehensive & accurate White space analysis service to our client those are presented to the client in, bubble charts, pie charts and in 2-D and 3-D charts.
  5. At Fairtech our experienced multilingual Search technicians provide better white space reports for various geographical patent locations.