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Patent Landscape Analysis

A landscape analysis of any patent will help you to get an overview of a technology sector, your competitors or chronological developments in a field of any technology. Patent landscape reports provide you the better snap-shot of the patent situations of particular technology.

    What Fairtech solution provide for Patent Landscape Analysis.
  1. Fairtech solution Analyse intellectual property investments of organizations across multiple technology domains.
  2. Our tools which includes integrated data and text mining using semantic text analyse and Provides the efficient Over view of technological developments.
  3. Identify the weakness, strengths, strategic options and potential partners of the company in the particular technology sector.
  4. Portfolio and auditing and management strategies
  5. Availability of a high-quality underlying dataset and the analysis tools.
  6. Our expert team consist of patent analysts, scientists and PhDs performs rigorous data mining, data visualization and data analysis to generate a patent landscape that helps clients identify competitive and technology trends.
  7. Categorization and Product Search.
  8. Our Landscape analysis report includes Product search, product mapping, Regulatory filings, Premarket approvals, Standard mapping, SWOT, Clinical trials, Product development timeline, geographical distribution chart, etc. Which can be vary according to client’s requirement.