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Competitive Intelligence

A competitive Intelligence provides wide range of information for any product or business to understand competitors, suppliers and client product innovations with in the particular markets. Competitive intelligence analysis involves the in-depth study of key competitors, their weaknesses, strengths, patent portfolios, technologies, patenting trends and future intentions of competitors.

Competitive Intelligence at Fairtech solution.
  1. Fairtech solution team of competitive intelligence experts uses wide range of Proprietary tools for gathering the information and analyse them for the complete CI of competitors.
  2. Our services involve competitor tracking / Profiling, Strategic Grouping, comparative Technology Evaluation, Market research etc.
  3. With Fairtech solution competitive intelligence and market research service team you can gain valuable insight about the latest trend in that particular segment.
  4. Our expert market research professionals break the market segments according to Political/Legal approach, Natural Behaviour, Demographic
  5. Fairtech solution research team provide competitors complete profile will help our client to do a careful study of a company’s competitors, in order to find areas where the company has advantages or could get an edge.