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Portfolio Management

A Portfolio management provide deep knowledge of client’s Product as well as competitor’s product based on a number of technical, legal and commercial parameters. Portfolio management is required for analysing competitor’s weaknesses and strengths based on the categorization of patent. The decisions include identifying IP opportunities for licensing, directing future R & D activities, and identifying patents that can be sold or abandoned.

    Fairtech solution capabilities for Portfolio management.
  1. Fairtech experts analyse patents in detail and categorizes them into a taxonomy which is in line with the organization’s business offerings.
  2. Effective Identification of unused patents in portfolio management for out licensing.
  3. By creating portfolio management of patent Fairtech experts ensures the future research and development programs and investment issues.
  4. We provide Patent categorization with a user-friendly search interface and easy to interpret pie-charts, bubble charts and
  5. The fairtech solution support team also identifies claimed, double claimed and not claimed subject matters along with the complete analysis of patent families and legal status.