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Prior-Art Search

The Prior-Art is required for the purpose of accessing novelty of the innovation. It means everything which is invented is available for the public anywhere in the world by means of written disclosure before the relevant date. There will be no restrictions like geographical location, any language or any manner including sources of internet and on-line databases. Fairtech solutions have the best set of expertise who can work on any complexity of patent search problems in a fast and reliable way.

What we provide for Prior-art Search for an innovation.
  1. We understand the claims and novelty of an innovation.
  2. Fairtech solution have an access to multilingual paid databases for prior-art searches.
  3. We also provide keyword based searches which include broad and narrow keywords which can be combined to get the logical search queries.
  4. We have the experts that can perform NPL (Non-Patent literature) searches which include standards like IEEE,, SGPP, ETSI etc.
  5. Classification Based search services like IPC, US, CPC etc. Classification can also be found in relevant patents shortlisted in keyword based search in the basis of that our experts search through the public and paid databases to find the similar patents.
  6. We Can Decrease Research and development risk with comprehensive prior art searching.