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Patent Valuation Report

Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are viewed as being of increasing importance in many fields of business. All methods of patent valuation involve some element of forecasting ranging from forecasting depreciation rates to forecasting future cash flows, market conditions, effects of competition and distributions and volatilities of returns to patents.

    Patent valuation types-
  1. Market based patent valuation report
  2. Binomial model based valuation report
    What we provide for patent valuation report
  1. We are experienced in providing patent valuation services to a broad range of technology area..
  2. At Fairtech solution our patent valuation experts are dedicated to provide market based and binomial based patent valuation reports.
  3. Our skilled patent valuation team addresses all key elements that impact IP value such as patent strength index, market opportunities and estimated economic benefits.
  4. We have experienced set of researchers they can understand various factors that impact the value of patent like legal status, technology type, market of the technology etc.