Our Strengths - 24x7x365 Availability | Multi-lingual IP Search Technicians

Fairtech Solution Strengths

Fairtech solution is serious IP research team who have experts in all domains. We help IP practitioners like you in Creating, Managing or maintaining your IP assets.

We specialize in prior-art searching, competitive intelligence, landscape analysis, technology sector overviews, patent portfolio analysis, patent & non-patent monitoring & alerts, P2P mapping, patent licensing, Business & Market intelligence and various types of patent searches in different fields of technology. We are also experts in infringement analysis, Freedom to operate search (FTO) and provide full range of prosecution & litigation support services including opposition / re-examination.
  1. Best fusion of technological / domain-masters of own segment search.
  2. Multi-lingual Search Technician
  3. Access to non-English Patent & non-patent databases
  4. Access to non-conventional sources for non-patent literature
  5. One-Stop-Shop for creation, managing & commercialization of Patents
  6. Native language searching databases(Non-English)
  7. 100% data privacy
  8. Quick Turn-around at competitive prices
  9. 24x7x365 availability
  10. 100% quality guaranteed