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Why Choose Us

Fairtech ensure you to be the most preferred and innovative solution partner with your IP needs, and with Patent, Trademark & IP Researchs. We are the top provider from the world for key clients that include Fortune 500 companies, Leading Technology Consulting firms, Small and Medium Enterprises, Corporate Law firms, Innovation Powerhouses, Research Institutes and more. Fairtech Solution helps you, Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.

Fairtech solution work with you to identify existing, proven technologies that could be licensed to potentially save your time and reduce market risk. Our methodology is not completely reliant on technology. To ensure we are not missing anything, we prefer manual searching with three tiered quality check (Six Sigma Approach) for your IP protection.

  1. Systematically defined project management.
  2. Iterative Adaptive Manual search with Three Tier quality checks (Six Sigma Approach).
  3. Every project goes through a strict quality check.
  4. We have access to many free and commercially available data sources like DELPHION, DERWENT, THOMPSON INNOVATION, STN, ORBIT, QUESTEL, DIALOG etc.
  5. FairtechSolution have access to more than 85% of world patent data and including native-language databases for genuine patentability.
  6. We have access to world’s most patent & non-patent databases & literature (including non-conventional sources) to dig out the best result for your search request.
  7. Our concept based search strategies at Fairtech were formulated using paid databases, native-language databases such as IPDL, KIPRIS, ULTRA PATENTS, CNIPR, SIPO etc.


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